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2021World Autism Awareness Day Charity Concert U.S. & China Held

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(Beijing, China - April 2, 2021) The 11th United Nations Autism Awareness Day Charity Concert was held at the Shanghai Grand Theater, and received warmly support from different autism organizations, teachers and parents, Madam AnniHuang Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of World Madam Group,division chairpersons of the World Madam Group, all world madams andour 500+ guests.There are more than 1millionaudiences watching this charity concert online.

Autism is a lifelong develop mental disorder caused by neurological disorders that affect brain function. Symptoms appear before the age of three, and the patients are mostly children. The physical development of sick child is hindered and lacks normal language communication and social communication skills. In order to raise people’s awareness of autism and strive for early treatment to improve the condition of patients, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution onDecember 2007,anddesignated April 2 as World Autism Day. April 2, 2021 marks the 14th World Autism Awareness day.

Since 2009, MadamLisa Chen, global executive chairwoman of World Madam and founder of the America China Culture Art TrainingAssociation, has organized World Autism Awareness Day charity concert in April every year for the pass 10 years in the United States. The charity concerts received positive responses and supports from related charity organizations in the United States, as well as unanimous praise from mainstream society and the media. In April 2018, Madam Lisa Chen received a congratulatory letter from United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterresrepresenting the United Nations Public Investigation Team and the Ministry of Public Information to giveher high regard.

During this concertvenuein Shanghai, China, students and parents from professional art groups, representatives of different autism organizations and participating individuals, representatives of the World Madam Groupgave wonderful performances. Artists from the United States, Britain, France, Bulgaria and Venezuela had their performance videos sent for this online streaming concert as well.

Performance of autistic children

Concertvenuein Shanghai, China

Concertvenuein USA

Performance of representatives of world madam

The concertended perfectly with the autistic students from the Zhanlan Service Center for the Disabled in Shanghai and all the guests there singing the songs “JasmineFlower" and "Grateful Heart" together. Such a moving atmosphere pushed the concert to a climax. The audience's applause was endless.

At the end, MadamAnniHuang, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of World Madam Group, led all the division chairpersons of World Madam Group,world madams and guests to present gifts to all the children participated in the performances.

For a long time, World Madam Group has cared about autistic patients and their families, and has actively given donationsand supports to related public welfare organizations, which has won the affirmation and support of the society. As a family member of one of theparticipated autistic children expressedemotionally "Thank you Chairwoman Anni, thank youworld madams, and thank you to all the staff working in the front and the back stage, in such a short time, so meticulous and yet an exclusive concert had been prepared for our children with quality and excitement.From the moment I entered the theater, I was surrounded by a sense of exclusiveness. The director team had prepared a special dressing room for our children, all the details had been taken into consideration. When the audiences sang with my children on stage at the end, I’m with tears in my eyes. I believe that the parents of other children feel the same. Loveswill return to those who gives love, blessings will return to those who blesses others.Chairwoman Madam Anniand Chairwoman Madam Lisa are synonymous with love and beauty. This concert was an unforgettable and beautiful experience between our children and the world madams. It brought us warmth, peace of mind and expectation. It inspired us to be more positive and courageous to facingour difficult lives."

MadamAnniHuang, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the World Madam Group, said in an interview”The World Autism Awareness Day Charity Concert is a positive response to the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day. At the same time, it calls for more people and the world madams to care for thisvulnerablegroup, to understand autism and to convey love to them. Crown Changes Lives. We hope that more outstanding married women from all over the world can be cohered together through series of charity events as role models to pass on love and to raise social responsibility, so as to contribute forthe world peace and development. World Madam Group’s caring for autistic patients and their families will be a long-term and continuous important content ofour charity activities. We look forward to having morecaring people to walk side by side with our world madams on the road of supporting public welfare and charity, for that wededicateour strength. "

Professor Tang Liangxing, Honorary Chairperson of the World Madam Group and Honorary Dean of the World Madam Royal Academy, said: “One Step for Madam, One Step for the World - That phrasereflects the importance of women’s well-being in building family happiness and social harmony, Women’s well-being is important to all generations affecting the happiness of this generation and the achievement of the next generation. A family is the smallest unit cell in society, parents are the best teachers for children; The hand that pushes the cradle is the hand that pushes the world - Only a wise and caring mother can bringup a kind and well developed next generation. I look forward to having more women to advance their studies through the Royal Academy in the future to enrich themselves and become the pride of their families and countries. "

The WorldMadam Contest initiated by Madam AnniHuang has received active bids from 31 countries and 66 competition regions around the world in 2020. Different from traditional beauty contests, the World MadamContest does not judge from the limited perspectives of appearance, figure, talent. Contestants’rich multi-dimensionality, diversification, inclusiveness and their social roles define their success and achievement.

The Great Madam for the World, the Great World for the Madam -This is a new interpretation of the mission of the WorldMadams.

World Madams have always in action to make the world a better place.


Master planner:Lisa Chen(U.S.)Anni Huang(China)

Chief Director:Stephen Na(U.S.)Anthony(China)

Executive Chief director:Shijun Tang

Artistic Director:Yunxiang Ma

Executive director:Rachael Wang、Xuan Yuan

Video:Yuen Lam(U.S.)He Zhong(China)

Transcribe:China International Network Television Group


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